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Inverted B/W

Hi all!

Eros shape model (low resolution) is now in DAMIT.


         Josef Durech
Animated gif showing the rotation of Eros. The image is an Earth-plane projection, so it is fully compatible with Earth-map plots of the event. The best tool to view it in Windows is the Media Player Classic. This animated gif covers the entire passage across the Earth. Provided by Dave Herald

Projection info
Model ID: 3083
Model version: 2019-03-08
Quality flag: 5
Julian Date: 2458554.74375
Image size (side) in pixels: 600
Image size (side) in kilometers: 38.83 (with unknown uncertainty)
Image size (side) in milliarcsec: 157.9 (with unknown uncertainty)
Pixel size in kilometers: 0.06471 (with unknown uncertainty)
Pixel size in milliarcseconds: 0.2631 (with unknown uncertainty)
Volume-equivalent diameter in pixels: 259.9
Surface-equivalent diameter in pixels: 289.6
Subsolar point longitude in degrees: 105.2
Subsolar point latitude in degrees: 49.9
Subearth point longitude in degrees: 80.7
Subearth point latitude in degrees: 3.1
Phase-angle-bisector longitude in degrees: 90.2
Phase-angle-bisector latitude in degrees: 27.0
Solar phase angle in degrees: 51.2