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Finder charts for the Eros occultation using Guide
4-3, 5, & 7 are centered on the target star. They are computed for Gila Bend, AZ, but the general appearance will be the same for others along the path from n. Calif. to s. Texas. The most detailed chart 7 shows the video FOV for an 8in SCT with 0.5 focal reducer and 0.5-in. chip (like the Watec and Runcam cameras). The other charts show the FOV for mighty mini's, with the rectangle about 2 deg. high & 3 deg. wide. The pre-point line from civil twilight to the event is shown on the level 4 charts (4-1, 4-2, & 4-3). The large object shown on 4-1 on the right side, about 60% of the way from the bottom to the top, is the crescent Moon in southwestern Taurus. The pre-point times are for Gila Bend, and will be different for other locations along the path.