Map for the North/Central American part of the path
On Wed. night / Thurs. morning Mars will occult 10th mag. TYC 0355-0187-1 acoss the southern USA, Mexico, and other parts of the world: It is unusual because the shadow will be on the Earth’s surface for over a day. For locations in the southern USA and Mexico where the occultation will occur, the occultation will last up to 3 hours, but less near the northern limit, which will cross northern Fla., northern Texas, and central Calif. Mars’ 20.3" disk will be 94% sunlit, giving a dark sliver only 1.1" at the most, so very good seeing will be needed in order to observe the star so close to the sunlit parts of Mars. Predictions for the times of the occultation for over a thousand cities around the world are posted at . https://occultationpages.com/rasc/MarsSep10.txt
Mars occults 10th mag. star TYC 0355-0187-1